The Best Free Flute Resources

From free sheet music to downloadable manuscript paper, here is a selection of my favourite free flute resources to enhance my practicing! 

Best Free Flute Resources

Oh the internet is a wonderful place – there is a world of information at your fingertips. And that includes a wealth of free resources that can enhance your flute practice! 

Here I’m going to share some of my favourite free flute resources. We’re talking about everything you could possibly need – from downloadable manuscript paper and fingering charts to free sheet music and inspiring interviews that give us a peek into the minds of our favorite musicians.

So let’s dive into this fantastic list of valuable resources! It’s all about making our flute journey richer, easier, and way more fun – and it won’t cost you a penny!

1. Flute Nerd Flute Fingering Chart

While there are a bazillion flute fingering charts out there, I eventually got fed up with having to rummage through different ones to find all the information I needed. So I recently created this comprehensive flute fingering chart to help keep all your helpful fingering information in one handy place.

It’s been designed to be easy to read and includes everything from a basic fingering chart, a list of useful alternative fingerings and notes on their usage, various fourth octave fingerings for players to find the combination that works best for them, and a full trill chart.


IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project) is an amazing library of music scores within the public domain, including loads of orchestral works and flute etudes. This is a great place to find full parts for your favourite orchestral excerpts like Peter and the Wolf, Midsummer Night’s Dream, or the Leonora Overture to name but a few!

There are also standard pieces of flute repertoire including Carnival of Venice, JS Bach’s Flute Sonata in A Major and Prokofiev’s Flute Sonata. Check out this page for a full list of scores that “feature the flute”.  

It’s built a bit like a Wikipedia for music scores, and I won’t lie, it can take some getting used to as it’s not the most user friendly thing in the world. But it’s very easy to search pieces and is well worth the effort to get hang of it. 

This resources is entirely free, which is pretty incredible, but you are able to pay for a (very cheap) monthly or annual subscription if you can’t be bothered to wait the 14 seconds for your download. 


Speaking of free sheet music, is another great resource for flute music! One of my favourite features on the site is it’s Tune a Day on the homepage. The idea is that you get better at sight reading by doing more of it, so log on every day and you can find new music to try your hand at sight reading!

It’s also got a free metronome and tuner you can use as well as articles on flute-related topics and fingering chart. 

4. The Flute Examiner

The Flute Examiner is an excellent online publication and and newsletter that is FULL of useful information. There are interviews with key people in the industry, articles on health and wellness, piccolo, performance anxiety and more. You can browse the current newsletter or rummage through their archives for older content. 

5. Podcasts!

The Flute 360 Podcast is by Dr Heidi Kay Begay, and I highly recommend it. She’s such a ray of positivity and inspiration and her chats often cover creativity and how to find confidence in your playing. But it’s her interviews with various people from across the flute world that are my particular favourite. They’re always inspiring and I always learn something new that I can apply to my own life and practicing! 

Talking Flutes is another great one with Clare Southworth and Jean-Paul Wright. There are loads of excellent interviews and chats about mindfulness and mental health!

Flute Unscripted is The Flute Center of New York’s podcast and has some great interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry!

And definitely make sure you check out Gareth’s Houston’s Inline G Podcast. Gareth is hilarious and he clearly has a lot of fun chatting all things flute. Check out the podcast for interviews, album reviews and cheeky history lessons!

6. FluteXpansions

FluteXpansions is a great resource for flute players looking to expand and explore their sounds. It’s focus is primarily on extended techniques. There are introductions to many of the extended techniques contemporary flute players have access to, as well as a super useful database of repertoire that features these techniques! 

7. Jennifer Cluff

This is a resource I’ve had on my list for many many years now and it is CHOCKED full of useful information. There are articles on flute basics, tone, help for flute beginners as well as advanced players, fingerings, and teaching help. I’ve linked here to her archive, and you can search by topic if you scroll to the bottom of the page. 

8. FlutePlay

FlutePlay is a network of #littleflute teachers and specialists, and their website is a brilliant resource for families of tiny players and their teachers. There are so many amazing teaching resources and games available on their shop (both paid for and for free) that have been created and designed by teachers in the network.

They’re also responsible for creating LFM (LittleFlute Magazine), which is so much fun for #littleflutes! You can buy a subscription, but they also have a free version to download to check it out. Each issue is full of activities, games and fun information geared to younger players!

9. BFS & NFA

While you can sign up for annual membership to either the British Flute Society or National Flute Association (US), both of their websites have lots of handy information available for free. 

On BFS’s page even non members can watch technique videos, access a database of flute choirs, or find repairers. The NFA lots of resources as well, but perhaps the handiest is it’s Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies database.

(Though if you can afford it, I highly recommend becoming a member of either or both as there are even more amazing resources available to members and both membership prices are reasonable!).

10. Manuscript Paper Downloads

There are loads of places you can download free, printable manuscript paper, but my favourites are the aforementioned and DS Music

Bonus Links!

Here are a few other awesome links worth saving in your bookmarks for more free flute-related awesomeness!

For the Canadians out there, go give the @candaflutes network a follow on Instagram. What a cool idea to connect with flutists countrywide!

JustFlutes is my favourite flute shop for all my sheet music and instrument needs, but they’ve also got an awesome blog with loads of tips that’s worth checking out!

Are there any other free resources you use in your own practice? Let me know in the comments!

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