Studio philosophy

I take music education very seriously, believing that music matters and learning it leads to a greater appreciation of our world well beyond the realm of clefs and scales. My lessons and lesson plans are tailored to each individual student, making sure that they get the most out of their lessons and meet their personal goals, while fostering a sense of play and creativity.

I encourage my students to take ownership of their learning, building on their strengths and working through their weakness. My lessons are about more than learning flute technique; they’re about tapping into and developing my students’ creativity. Music is fun and learning it should be too – the more fun we’re having, the quicker we learn!

​Read more about my teaching philosophy here.


Students may choose to reserve a regular weekly time slot or book more irregular or infrequent lessons, depending on their preference.

Regular weekly lessons

  • To reserve a regular weekly time slot, students must be able to commit to at least three lessons a month. Students who are unable to do so will be moved to the ad hoc booking system (see below).
  • Lessons are booked in one-month chunks. I will email at the end of a month to confirm the next month’s lessons and will invoice only for the number of lessons booked.
  • Students/parents are welcome to request new regular lessons times if their schedule changes. These will be discussed on a case-by-case basis and I will always do my best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee availability at the newly proposed lesson time.

Ad hoc lessons (irregular or infrequent)

  • Students can purchase a blocks lesson credits. Each credit is worth 30 or 60 minutes of online teaching.
  • The credits can be used to book available lessons directly by the student via the Student Portal calendar. Click here to watch a quick video with instructions. It’s super easy!
  • Students who book 60-minute lessons will need to book two back-to-back 30 mins lessons on the calendar.
  • There is no expiry date on the block of lessons.
  • Available lessons for the month are released at the end of the month before. Students using this system will be notified once they are available. (Please note more lessons may become available during the month, so students are advised to regularly check the calendar.)
  • Lessons are booked on a first-come-first-served basis. If there are no available time slots, students can contact me and I will see if I can make any more available but cannot guarantee it.
  • Students may be able to swap an online lesson for an in-person lesson, but they will need to arrange this directly with me. Please note in-person lessons are subject to a £5 per lesson fee.


Lessons are paid for in advance via bank transfer or online card payment.

Lessons must be paid 24 hours before the first lesson. If payment has not been received before the first lesson, that first lesson will be cancelled and charged in full. The teacher reserves the right to suspend lessons until full payment is received.

There are no refunds! If lessons are cancelled in a timely fashion, a makeup credit will be issued (see Attendance for cancellation policy).

Tuition includes:

  • Lessons
  • A bespoke lesson plan to help student reach their individual goals
  • Access to the Student Portal where students can check notes, view/pay invoices, book/cancel/reschedule ad hoc lessons, download pdfs and resources, and log into Zoom.
  • Resources and handouts like a Scale Info Sheet and scale games
  • Access to annual studio recitals
  • A monthly studio newsletter packed full of practice tips and inspiration
  • Priority discount booking on any masterclasses, workshops or flute choir events
  • Assistance in purchasing new instruments

Tuition does not include sheet music or instrument rental fee


Lessons can be cancelled or rescheduled with 24-hour notice for a non-emergencies. If students contact me less than 24-hours in advance, their lesson time is forfeit and will not credited back. Emergencies will be considered at my discretion.

It is the student’s responsibility to attend lessons at their scheduled time. If they do not, the lesson time is forfeit and not credited back to the student.

Lessons are reserved for specific time slots regardless of when the student shows up. For example, if the lesson is scheduled for 1pm-2pm and a student doesn’t show up until 1:15pm, the lesson will still finish at 2pm and the full fee charged.

If I need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, I will contact students with as much notice as possible and a makeup lesson will be offered. If the student is unavailable for the makeup lesson, a credit will be issued for the missed lesson.

Photos & videos

Studio photo release  

  • I may use photos and/or videos of my students, lessons, recitals or events for marketing or commercial purposes on my website, social media or promotional materials.
  • Students understand that use of the aforementioned items can be used without monetary or service compensation of any kind.
  • Students may be referred to by first name, but I will never use full names or include any other identifying information to protect my student’s privacy.
  • Students may opt out of this photo release at any time by contacting me

Photos at studio events

  • Students/parents/family are permitted to take photographs or video footage of events for private use only. They are not allowed to be shared online if they show any other student without express permission.
  • The right to withdraw consent will be maintained and any photography or filming on site will be open to scrutiny at any time.
  • Images will not be taken of any student against their wishes. Their right not to be photographed will be respected.

Fluting should be fun!

Despite all these scary rules, I’m still human and will make exceptions at my discrepancy.

Finally – I love teaching and the flute. My main goal is to foster a love of flute and performance in my students, so lessons are first and foremost about having fun!!

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