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Rhythm flashcard PDF



Printable flashcards featuring different time signatures and note values. Colourful and easy to gamify your rhythm practice!

The size of each note is to scale so it is easy to see how various note values relate to each other! For example four crotchets fit in the same space as a single semibreve. It’s a great tool for visualising note values!

10 A4 pages including:
XL semibreve/whole notes x2
XL minims/half notes x4
XL crotchets/quarter notes x8
Semibreve/whole notes x2
Minims/half notes x4
Dotted minim/dotted half notes x1
Crotchets/quarter notes x9
Dotted crotchets/quarter notes x2
Quavers x18
Various time signatures x14
Two blank cards for extra time signatures

Included time signatures include both standard time signatures, compound time signatures and more complex times such as 5/4 and 7/8.

This is a PDF download! 

See a demonstration of the flashcards here. 


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