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✅  Unlock your creativity 

✅  Level up your technique 

✅  Build your confidence

✅  Unlock your creativity with fun practice games

✅  Level up your technique and play the music you love

✅  Build confidence in your playing 

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What my students are saying...

Alex makes the lessons enjoyable and is very good at setting me at ease and helping me to feel less embarrassed about my mistakes! There’s definitely no judgement, just a really enthusiasm for helping me to learn and I feel like I’m getting a lot out of it even after only a short while.



Adult student

Alex has been a wonderful teacher to our son. She’s not just a great musician, she’s also a very capable and patient teacher. She is friendly articulate and passionate about what she teaches. Our son has built great confidence and is getting better every week!



Mother of primary student

Alex has been just amazing. She gives such positive feedback, but there’s definitely some tough love when there needs to be. She has the perfect balance of knowledge, kindness and wit. Thank you Alex for helping me find my passion for playing the flute again!



Adult student

Alex is an amazing flute teacher. She was patient, supportive and very professional in her approach to teaching. My daughter enjoyed her lessons very much. Thank you Alex for all you have done and could not have found a better teacher.



Father of GCSE student

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Connect and play!

We’ll chat about your experience, struggles and goals and I’ll give you some exercises to get you playing with confidence!

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Get tooting!

If you had fun in our session, we’ll chat about lesson options so that you can dive in! You’ll be tooting in no time!

Here’s what you can expect from lessons with me

We learn faster when we’re having fun, so I have carefully crafted a studio culture that knows that every student is capable of great things when they enjoy what they’re learning. In our lessons together you’ll…

✅ Develop Good Technique, from the basics to more advanced concepts like tone production and performance practice.

✅ Unlock your Creativity. This not only helps you become a better flute player, but helps you find your own unique voice as an artist (and person).

✅ Cultivate a deeper understanding of Music Theory, History & Culture. Music is so much more fun to play when we understand how it works and where it comes from.

✅ Develop your Musicality. We’ll tap into your inner drama queen and discover the range of emotions we can utilise to help tell a story through music.

✅ Learn how to Practice Intelligently so that you get the most out of your time, even if you only have a little of it.

✅ Be part of a Cool Community of like-minded flute-lovers. You’ll get FREE membership to the Flute Nerd Lab, and you’ll meet other students at various studio events throughout the year including recitals, masterclasses, socials and camps.

✅ Build Confidence by learning to trust yourself. Set your own personal goals and impress yourself when you beat them (though I’ll always have known you had it in you).

Without Alex, I would not be playing at all. I’m really pleased to have found her.

Jess, adult student

Why study with me?

Alexandra Petropoulos Flute Teacher

Hi! I’m Alex, the Flute Nerd!

Over my 20 years of experience, I’ve developed a unique teaching method that is a fusion of joy, creativity, and structured learning, designed to make your practice sessions both enjoyable and rewarding.

We learn so much faster when we’re having fun, so I aim to make my lessons a playful and enriching experience for all my students. 

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Not ready for one-to-one lessons?

Still have questions?

I teach all ages – from tiny toots (ages 3-5), whose arms are still a bit too small for the big-kid flute, to retirees who want to pick up a new hobby.

I also teach all abilities – from brand spanking new beginners to students applying for music conservatoires or professionals just looking to reinvigorate their practice and creativity.

Flute (beginner to professional)
I teach all levels of flute playing to a wide range of ages, with a particular focus on getting the most out of your practicing while still enjoying what you do.

I work with students interested completing their ABRSM exams, applying for music school, preparing for a performance, or more casual play, and everything in between!

I have received KinderFlute training from Kathy Blocki and use her methods for young beginners. 

TooT/Fife/Recorder (ages 3-5)
For those tiny tooters whose arms are still a bit too short for the big kid flute, I offer early music lessons. I prefer using the NuvoToot, but also teach on the fife or recorder.

Music Theory
While I incorporate a lot of theory in my flute lessons, I also teach separate lessons for those wishing to brush up on their music theory or prepare for a music theory exam.

I teach both online and in-person in Streatham Hill
I have a few regular in-person slots available for lessons at my home studio in Streatham Hill, London. However, I also teach online via Zoom using lots of gadgets to make sure my students feel like they get the same level of learning as in-person lessons while offering them the flexibility and convenience of online.

Please note that I have a cat, Dinky the Flute Assistant, so in-person lessons may not be suitable for those with severe allergies.

My current teaching hours are (times in GMT):

Mondays 9am-7pm
Tuesdays 9am-7pm
Wednesday 9am-7pm
Thursdays 9am-7pm
Saturdays 9am-7pm

Please note that my studio is currently quite full, so some prospective students may be placed on a waiting list.

Yes! I currently offer ad hoc lessons for students who are unable to commit to regular weekly lessons. 

Students can purchase a block of online lesson credits, which can be used to book available lessons directly by students via the Student Portal calendar. There’s no expiry date on the credits.

Please note that the ad hoc option is only available for online lessons.

Online lessons:
£35 (30 mins)
£50 (60 mins)

In-person lessons (in Streatham Hill):
£40 (30 mins)
£55 (60 mins)

Regular weekly lessons are paid for monthly in advance, only paying for the lessons you book in a particular month. I will send an invoice for those lessons, which can be paid via bank transfer or with a credit or debit card online.

For ad hoc lessons, students can buy a block of 4, 8 or 12 lesson credits, which can be paid for via bank transfer or credit or debit card online.

Yes, purchasing some music and practice materials will likely be necessary as part of your flute learning journey. We often work through a variety of method books, studies, and repertoire. These materials are carefully selected to match your individual learning pace and goals, ensuring a structured and progressive learning experience.

However, I understand that the cost of music and materials can be a concern for some students. If purchasing music presents a financial challenge, please don’t let this deter you. I am committed to making flute learning accessible and can curate your practice materials for music available for free in the public domain via Music Score Library Project (IMSLP). This includes a vast selection of studies, exercises, and repertoire suitable for various levels of proficiency.

I’m here to support your musical journey every step of the way, ensuring you have access to the materials you need while accommodating your financial situation. Together, we can explore a wealth of music that both enriches your learning experience and fits within your budget.

Everyone’s schedule is unique, and together we’ll work to find the most effective practice schedule for you.

I’ll also help you make sure you learn how to practice efficiently, so that you will always be able to make the most of what time you are able to practice.

My main word of advice is consistency. If you don’t have much time in your schedule, but are able to get your flute out even just 5 minutes a day most days of the week, you’ll see much better improvement than if you practice once a week for much longer.

Learning the flute, like any musical instrument, varies greatly individually based on several factors including your practice habits, prior musical experience, and practice time. But here’s a rough timeline to give you an idea:

Absolute Beginners: If you’re starting from scratch, you can expect to spend anywhere from a few days to a few weeks learning to produce a sound on the flute. But generally within 3-6 months of regular practice most beginners can play basic songs and grasp fundamental music reading.

Intermediate Level: After a year or two, students who practice regularly may move to an intermediate level where they can play more complex pieces, develop better tone quality, and improve their technical skills including articulation and dynamics. This phase involves deeper musical expression and refinement of technique.

Advanced Level: Reaching an advanced level can take several years of dedicated practice. Advanced flute players are able to perform challenging repertoire, exhibit a high degree of musicality, and have a strong command over the instrument. This level often involves mastering advanced techniques, playing with professional orchestras or ensembles, and possibly solo performances.

Our lessons will mainly cover classical and contemporary techniques and repertoire, offering a solid flute foundation. However, I wholeheartedly encourage members to explore and share a broad spectrum of genres. Engaging with various styles not only enriches your playing experience but also fosters a greater sense of cultural empathy and curiosity.

I host two studio recitals each year – an in-person Summer Recital in Balham, London and a Winter Recital online for students unable to travel into London. Every student is encouraged to participate in one or both. 

All my regular students also get free access to the Flute Nerd Lab, where they are invited to participate in Weekly Practice Challenges (which are often recorded and shared, offering performance practice), and in live classes and workshops which will also include performance practice opportunities. 

While it is highly recommended and encouraged to participate in regular performance opportunities, I do not ever require it. Some students wish to play for their own personal enjoyment and that is absolutely fine! 

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