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Level up your playing (and make some friends along the way)!

The Flute Nerd Lab is a learning platform and community for flute players who want to level up their playing while also having lots of fun with some flutey friends.

For a limited time you can subscribe to the Flute Nerd Lab for just $14/month (that’s less than most sheet music)!

Here’s what’s inside: weekly challenges, live classes and workshops, direct access to an experienced flute teacher, exclusive resources, and (most importantly!) a supportive community of fellow players!

I’m confident that you’ll love our community, but if for any reason you don’t, your first month’s subscription is fully refundable.
I’m confident that you’ll love our community, but if for any reason you don’t, your first month’s subscription is fully refundable.

Here’s what community members are saying

“Flute Nerd Lab has added so much to my practice! It’s nice to have friendly people willing to talk flute, but what I’ve learned about posture and technique has definitely improved my playing. I anxiously await each new meet up!”

Sharon N

“Alex posts loads of fun weekly challenges and discussions to keep us all focussed and working on something new! It is the best community, I would encourage anyone with any interest in flute to check it out!”

Jenny M

“This is an awesome community! I love the format, and I feel very comfortable participating. I will definitely learn and grow as a flutist here. I feel totally at ease!”

Robert J

“I’ve already been able to pick up lots of valuable tips. I like that now there’s a new and competent place on the net that gives me the opportunity to follow my passion for the flute. I’m delighted to be part of it!”

Claudia K

Here's why you'll love this community!

The Flute Nerd Lab will help you make tangible progress on the flute for a fraction of the price of private flute lessons. It’s built on the ethos that we learn faster when we’re having fun and we’re having more fun when we’re hanging out with friends! 

Personalised feedback: Receive constructive feedback from an experienced private flute teacher and fellow learners to help you identify areas for improvement and regain confidence in your playing.

A supportive community: Join a community of adult flute learners who share similar experiences and challenges.

Structured learning: Access practice challenges and live events designed to fit into even the busiest schedules.

Motivational support: Engage with weekly challenges and live events that keep your practice engaging and enjoyable, making it easier to establish and maintain a consistent practice routine.

Efficient learning: Access curated resources and personalised feedback that streamline your practice and accelerate your progress.

A safe space for learning: Members are encouraged to share their progress and challenges without fear of judgment, helping you build confidence.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: I’m confident that you’ll love our community, but if for any reason you don’t, your first month’s subscription is fully refundable! Fostering a community of enthusiastic, satisfied flute players is my top priority.

Check out everything you'll get access to inside

Weekly Practice Challenges

A varied and interesting mix of practice challenges to spice up your routine, make practicing more engaging and hold you accountable!

Monthly LIVE Technique Workshops

Monthly LIVE Technique Workshops

Each month we’ll meet up to discuss methods and exercises to improve your technique 

Monthly LIVE Tone Workshops

Tone can be a scary topic for flute players, but these live sessions will give you all the tools you need to unlock your ideal sound! 

Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions

Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions

This is your chance to ask me anything! Members may even be able to play live for some live feedback!

Weekly LIVE Coffee Chats

These are casual meet ups where we can catch up what you’ve been up to during the week, talk about challenges you’re facing and chat about all things flute!

Regular LIVE Warm Up Classes

Regular LIVE Warm Up Classes

Each guided class introduces a new idea or technique that can be helpful adding to your warm up routine

Flute Video Courses

Video Course Library

An ever-growing video library of recorded courses covering techniques and exercises to watch in your own time

Exclusive Resources

Exclusive Resources

You’ll have access to loads of useful resources that I’ve created just for members including practice materials and games!

Archive of Recorded Events

All live workshops and classes are recorded and available for catch up on demand, so you can tune in on your own time

About the Flute Nerd Lab

What is the Flute Nerd Lab?

An inclusive online community and learning platform tailored for devoted flute players, like you! In this dynamic and interactive environment, you get direct access to the expertise of an experienced flute teacher and support from fellow learners, which provide you effective practice strategies and techniques to help you develop as a player. 

It is a thriving community where members actively engage in discussions, share their experiences, and support one another.

Who is the Flute Nerd Lab For?

The Flute Nerd Lab is designed specifically for adult flute learners who are seeking a supportive and engaging community to enhance their learning experience.

Whether you’re a returning player looking to reignite your passion for the flute, a beginner feeling overwhelmed by the journey ahead, or an experienced musician seeking personalized feedback and guidance, the Flute Nerd Lab offers a welcoming space where learners of all levels can come together to grow and improve. 

Meet Alexandra

Alexandra Petropoulos Flute Teacher

Hi! I’m Alexandra, the creator of the Flute Nerd Lab. 

With over 20 years of experience teaching hundreds of adult students, I understand the challenge and joy of learning the flute outside of a school setting. I also know that if you can’t afford private flute lessons (which are expensive!), learning the flute can be a lonely venture. 

Which is exactly why I’ve created the Flute Nerd Lab! My goal is to help you rediscover your joy of flute, support you in your learning and help you find a few flute nerd friends along the way!

Still have questions?

Absolutely! Players of all levels are welcomed to join! The Flute Nerd Lab’s supportive and encouraging environment provides a space where beginners can feel comfortable asking questions, sharing their progress, and receiving constructive feedback from both peers and an experienced teacher.

Designed with every level of player in mind, The Flute Nerd Lab offers a bespoke experience that adapts to your individual learning curve. Challenges cater to various skill levels, ensuring there’s always something to stretch your abilities without feeling overwhelmed. Workshops and classes will cover a range of techniques and ideas, and I actively encourage members to suggest topics or request modifications to exercises, ensuring that your needs are met.

This community is designed with adult learners in mind, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities that adult students face.

While the environment is supportive and educational, the materials and discussions may not be specifically geared towards younger learners. Parents of younger flute students might want to check out the content and structure of our community to assess its suitability for their child, keeping in mind that the primary audience is adults.

To join live classes, workshops and chats, all you’ll need is Zoom. While downloading the Zoom app on your desktop or device can enhance your experience, it’s not strictly necessary. A direct link is provided for every event in the calendar, allowing you to join with or without the app installed.

For those eager to participate actively and possibly play during calls for feedback, I suggest enabling the “Original Sound for Musicians” setting in Zoom to ensure the best audio quality. Don’t worry if this sounds complex; I got you covered with step-by-step instructions available here.

Sort of! Skool doesn’t offer a free trial, but I want to make sure you get the opportunity check out the community and make sure it’s something you’ll find valuable. I’m confident you’ll love what’s inside but if for any reason you don’t, your first month’s subscription is fully refundable.

This community is hosted through Skool and all their subscriptions are in USD$. However, payments are taken via Stripe, which will easily convert the prices into your local currency!

Absolutely! I understand that flexibility is key, which is why I’ve made sure that cancelling your membership straightforward and hassle-free. You can manage your subscription directly through Skool and opt to cancel at any moment that suits you without any long-term commitments or fees.

No specific purchases are necessary to fully engage with The Flute Nerd Lab. I will provide all essential excerpts or etudes needed for challenges and classes to ensure you have everything required for a complete learning experience. However, the platform is a wonderful opportunity for members to explore and expand their repertoire and music library at their own pace. While not mandatory, purchasing additional pieces can enhance your personal collection and provide new avenues for exploration and enjoyment on your Flute Nerd Lab journey!

The challenges, workshops and classes primarily cover classical techniques and repertoire, offering a solid flute foundation. However, I wholeheartedly encourage members to explore and share a broad spectrum of genres. Engaging with various styles not only enriches your playing experience but also fosters a greater sense of cultural empathy and curiosity.

Certainly! For those seeking a more in-depth learning experience, there are special ad hoc one-to-one lesson opportunities available. These private sessions are available at a special discounted rate exclusively for members, allowing you to dive deeper into your flute practice alongside our group classes and resources.

I understand that life can get busy, which is why every live workshop and class are recorded and available to members for catch up at a time that suits their schedule.

Please note that the casual coffee chats (and workshops or classes in which no one attended) are not recorded.

Each week, we introduce a new practice challenge to keep you motivated and engaged. Challenges are designed to improve different aspects of your playing in a fun and supportive environment. Each one caters to various skill levels, either as open challenges suitable for every player or divided into different level options, ensuring there’s always something to stretch your abilities without feeling overwhelmed.

What sets The Flute Nerd Lab apart from other online flute sites is its holistic approach to learning, which is both immersive and community-driven. At the heart of this community is the belief that learning should be fun and engaging.

Here’s how I bring that vision to life:

  • Live, Interactive Events: Unlike many online courses that rely on pre-recorded content, we prioritise live events, creating real-time interactions that foster a dynamic learning environment. This approach allows for immediate feedback, spontaneous questions, and the kind of personal connection that makes learning more effective and enjoyable.
  • Personalised Feedback: Every member has the opportunity to receive personalised feedback on their playing, a feature that sets us apart. This individualised attention ensures that you’re not just another face in the crowd but a valued member of our flute family, with guidance tailored to your unique needs and goals.
  • Supportive Community Atmosphere: The Flute Nerd Lab is more than just a platform for learning; it’s a vibrant, welcoming and supportive family of flute nerds!
  • Engagement and Gamification: The community incorporates elements of gamification and regular challenges to make learning not just educational but truly engaging. This approach helps maintain motivation and keeps the learning process fun, encouraging continuous improvement and participation.

Ready to have some fun and
kick start your playing?

I’m confident that you’ll love our community, but if for any reason you don’t, your first month’s subscription is fully refundable

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