A series of blogs with advice, technique hacks, and handy tips for flute players, from perfecting your embouchure to help building confidence in your playing. 

For this month’s edition of my frequently asked flutey questions, we’ll look at why there are three different Bb fingerings on the flute and help you decide when to use them.
The simple act of changing your focus and becoming more aware in your flute practice has the power to silence negative self-talk and can be a real game-changer
For this month’s edition of my frequently asked flutey questions, we’ll look at these two options and find out what is the right choice for you
Transform your flute practice by escaping your comfort zone. Discover how pushing your boundaries can help you grow faster as a musician
Making your initial sounds on the flute can be daunting, but in your first beginner flute lesson, I'll give you some tips that will help you make your first sounds in no time!
By setting aside a consistent time each day to practice flute, you can train your brain to enter a focused state of learning faster and get more out of your practice
Do you want to learn the flute, but not sure where to start? Here's a handy guide to all the flute basics to get you tooting!
How breaking your practice into small, digestible chunks can help you progress faster on the flute
For this month’s edition of our frequently asked flutey questions, we’re going to dive into the reasons why flute high notes can be such finger-twisters
Let’s shift your focus from worrying about how fast you can play the flute to building solid technique that will naturally pave the way for effortless speed and virtuosity
Each practice session as an opportunity to experiment and play with what we’ve learned
What exactly is ‘practicing’ and why do we need to be smart about it as we learn the flute?