A series of blogs with advice, technique hacks, and handy tips for flute players, from perfecting your embouchure to help building confidence in your playing. 

Let's look at what makes a 'good' flute tone and I'll share some exercises that will help you find your ideal flute sound!
Wondering if it's time to upgrade your flute? Let's look at some key factors that will help you determine if now is the right time to invest in a new flute
In this day and age, where attention spans are short and productivity is a virtue, hobbies feel like an opulent luxury, but picking up a hobby like the flute could actually be good for your health!
Identifying your personal ‘must practice’ list will help you strengthen your weak areas and get the most of your flute practice
Self-assessment is the best thing we can do in our flute practice to improve quicker, but it can be surprisingly hard to strike the balance between criticism and compassion
All flute players have occasional bad tone days, but here are some practical tips and strategies to help you through your next one!
Exaggerating mistakes can be a surprisingly valuable approach to our flute practice. Here, I offer practical strategies to learn through your mistakes
From free sheet music to downloadable manuscript paper, here is a selection of my favourite free resources to enhance my practicing! 
Now that you've learned how to make a sound and hold the flute, let's get you playing some real notes! In this blog we'll review the basics and introduce you to your first notes on the flute
Your complete guide to figuring out how much flute lessons cost, what to look for and how to find lessons that suit your budget
Adding flute warm ups to your practice routine will make sure that you get the most out of your practice sessions!
For this month’s edition of my frequently asked flutey questions, we’ll look at why there are three different Bb fingerings on the flute and help you decide when to use them.