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Let's look at what makes a 'good' flute tone and I'll share some exercises that will help you find your ideal flute sound!

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On the flute, we've got several alternative fingerings that can help with a variety of things from pitch to ease of play. Let's have a look at some of the most useful ones to know!
The goal of practicing is to learn by repetition. So why do so many flute students forget to check that they're drilling the right notes?? Let's dive into some tips to make sure you get it right from the beginning and why a flute fingering chart is your best friend
Now that you've learned how to make a sound and hold the flute, let's get you playing some real notes! In this blog we'll review the basics and introduce you to your first notes on the flute
Let's have a look at how actively listening can elevate your playing, refine technique, and deepen musical expression
In this month’s FAFQs, let’s meet all the members of the flute family! Learn more about all different types of flutes, from the modern concert flute to traditional instruments from different cultures
Your complete guide to figuring out how much flute lessons cost, what to look for and how to find lessons that suit your budget
Adding flute warm ups to your practice routine will make sure that you get the most out of your practice sessions!
For this month’s edition of my frequently asked flutey questions, we’ll look at why there are three different Bb fingerings on the flute and help you decide when to use them.
In your second lesson, learn how to hold a flute. Perfect your posture to improve your technique and create beautiful tone!
The simple act of changing your focus and becoming more aware in your flute practice has the power to silence negative self-talk and can be a real game-changer
For this month’s edition of my frequently asked flutey questions, we’ll look at these two options and find out what is the right choice for you
Transform your flute practice by escaping your comfort zone. Discover how pushing your boundaries can help you grow faster as a musician