made fun!

Unleash your joy of music, gain confidence and solidify your technique. You’ll be joining a studio of other flute-loving goofballs of all ages, so you’ll be in good company!

online and in-person lesson slots available!

Alexandra Petropoulos flute nerd

Hi! I’m Alexandra and, look, I totally get it...

Worried that you’re just not creative?

I know what it feels like to be completely in love with music, but worried you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

Worried you’re not improving?

I know what it feels like when practicing feels like a chore and progress just doesn’t seem to be happening.

Worried you can’t find the right teacher?

I know how hard it can be to find the right private teacher that’s the perfect fit and just gets you.

Why? Because I've been there too!

Without Alex, I would not be playing at all. I’m really pleased to have found her.

Jess, adult student

Who I teach


Always wanted to learn the flute? Want to pick it back up? It’s never too late!

KinderFlute to A-levels

I teach everyone from very young beginners to those working on music school auditions.

Tiny Toots

As a #littleflutes expert, I help young students (ages 3-5) learn music and the flute with the easy-to-play Nuvo TooT!

In our lessons together, you’ll...

Unlock your creativity

Level up your technique

Tap into your musicality

Cultivate a better understanding of music theory

Learn to practice effectively and enjoyably

Build confidence in your playing 

Learn how to gamify your practice

Join of community of flute lovers

Kick start your love of the flute in 3 easy steps!

Book a free session

Arrange a convenient time for us to connect on Zoom via my calendar.

Flute Trial lesson Arrow

Connect and play!

We’ll chat about your experience, struggles and goals and I’ll give you some exercises to get you playing with confidence!

Flute Trial lesson Arrow

Get tooting!

If you had fun in our session, we’ll chat about lesson options so that you can dive in! You’ll be tooting in no time!

Not ready for one-to-one lessons?

But are we actually learning if we’re having fun?

Whoa! Let’s stop right there. There is an unfortunate misconception that learning classical music has to be hard work and that music education should be a gruelling and unpleasant experience.

It’s all a load of crock! There are so many studies out there that have proven that learning in a creative, engaging manner actually helps us retain more information.

The more fun we’re having, the more we’re motivated. Creative play tests our artistic limits, fosters curiosity, boosts our mood, encourages us to try new things, cultivates our imagination and teaches us to trust ourselves.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, eh?

Why study with me?

Alexandra Petropoulos Flute Teacher

Music is fun. And making music on the flute is even better. As a London-based flute tutor with over 19 years of professional and performance experience, I can teach students the skills they need to play music.

The key word there is ‘play’. Music making is creative, and creativity is just a mode of play. That’s why you need more than a stuffy music teacher with all the credentials – you need some who brings joy and curiosity to learning. In short, you need an enthusiastic, very competent, credentialed, curious flute nerd – like me!

The flute nerd corner

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Here’s what my students are saying

Have any questions?

Yes! I offer a free initial Breakthrough Session, which is an online 30-min consultation. 

These will help us make sure we’re the right student/teacher match (which is super important – the more you enjoy our lessons together, the more you’ll get out of them!).

During this session, we’ll get a chance to meet, chat about your experience, goals and unique struggles, and discussion lesson options. 

Afterwards, if you decide that I’m not the right choice for you, then there is no commitment and no hard feelings!

Book your FREE Breakthrough Session here. 

I teach all ages – from tiny toots (ages 3-5), whose arms are still a bit too small for the big-kid flute, to retirees who want to pick up a new hobby.

I also teach all abilities – from brand spanking new beginners to students applying for music conservatoires or professionals just looking to reinvigorate their practice and creativity.

Flute (beginner to professional)
I teach all levels of flute playing to a wide range of ages, with a particular focus on getting the most out of your practicing while still enjoying what you do.

I work with students interested completing their ABRSM exams, applying for music school, preparing for a performance, for more casual play, and everything in between!

I have received KinderFlute training from Kathy Blocki and use her methods for young beginners. 

TooT/Fife/Recorder (ages 3-5)
For those tiny tooters whose arms are still a bit too short for the big kid flute, I offer early music lessons. I prefer using the NuvoToot, but also teach on the fife or recorder.

Music Theory
While I incorporate a lot of theory in my flute lessons, I also teach separate lessons for those wishing to brush up on their music theory or prepare for a music exam.

I teach both online and in-person in Streatham Hill
I have a few regular in-person slots available for lessons at my home studio in Streatham Hill, London. However, I also teach online via Zoom using lots of gadgets to make sure my students feel like they get the same level of learning as in-person lessons while offering them the flexibility and convenience of online.

Please note that I have a cat, Dinky the Flute Assistant, so in-person lessons may not be suitable for those with severe allergies.

My current teaching hours are (times in GMT):

Mondays 9am-7pm
Tuesdays 9am-7pm
Wednesday 9am-7pm
Thursdays 9am-7pm
Saturdays 9am-7pm

Please note that my studio is currently quite full, so some prospective students may be placed on a waiting list.

Yes! I now offer ad hoc lessons for students who are unable to commit to regular weekly lessons. 

Students can purchase a block of online lesson credits, which can be used to book available lessons directly by students via the Student Portal calendar. 

Students may be able to book some in-person lessons as part of the block, but those must be booked directly through me.

There’s no expiry date on the credits.

Initial Breakthrough Session:
FREE! Book yours here.

Online lessons:
£35 (30 mins)
£50 (60 mins)

In-person lessons (in Streatham Hill):
£40 (30 mins)
£55 (60 mins)

Ad hoc online lessons (30 mins/60 mins):
Block of 4 credits: £140/200
Block of 8 credits: £266/£380 (5% off)
Block of 12 credits: £378/£540 (10% off)

Yes! I offer a limited number of lessons at a concession rate. I want to make sure music is accessible for everyone, regardless of financial background. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Regular weekly lessons are paid for in one-month chunks, only paying for the lessons you book in a particular month. I send an email at the end of a month to confirm which lessons you wish to book next month. Once you confirm what you’re available for, I will send an invoice for those lessons, which can be paid via BACS or with a credit or debit card online.

For ad hoc lessons, students can buy a block of 4, 8 or 12 lesson credits. 

Everyone’s schedule is unique, and together we’ll work to find the most effective practice schedule for you.

I’ll also help you make sure you learn how to practice efficiently, so that you will always be able to make the most of what time you are able to practice.

My main word of advice is consistency. If you don’t have much time in your schedule, but are able to get your flute out even just 5 minutes a day most days of the week, you’ll see much better improvement than if you practice once a week for much longer.